Project Manager – Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer

Jens-Ulrik was raised in Odense, and studied Musicology, Event Culture and Experience Economic at Aarhus University. In connection with the Capital of Culture year Aarhus 2017, Jens-Ulrik has been employed as project manager on the project RETHINK Folk Music. An international strategic project aimed at strengthening the folk music in the music and cultural schools in the Region Midt. In addition, Jens-Ulrik has also been project manager at the development project The Midtjutland String Cooperation launched by Holstebro Music School. Jens-Ulrik has experience in both project development and management, coordination, communication, branding, fertilizing and disseminating cultural quality, and generally working with music and musicians as a cultural field.

Jens-Ulrik lives in Aarhus, where his small family, the allotment and the music take most of his attention.

Sæsonprogram 2021/2022


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