Productions assistent – Thomas Sørensen

Born in 1981

Employed at Ensemble MidtVest in September 2013.

Thomas has worked with music, theatre and cultural projects for many years both as a performer and a coordinator. In his professional life, he has been a theatre technician, education officer, and sound engineer. Moreover, he has worked with graphic design and video. Being an ‘all-rounder’, he has been employed at the Odin Theatre, the Limfjords Theater, DSI Swinging Europe, and a primary school in the city of Skive.

Thomas is mostly autodidact who, however, has attended courses of media studies as well as arts and culture management.

First time Thomas met the Ensemble MidtVest was on the occasion of the world-premiere of Frans Winther’s chamber opera EZRA (2008/2009) of which he was taking care of the technical part of the production. Lateron, as a production manager, he met the ensemble again in connection with the project Kulturkaravenen i Mørket (2009), and, finally, during the Cultural Festival The Wave (2013). Here, he appeared as a project coordinator for a cross-current project on different styles of musical improvisation after which he was employed with the Ensemble MidtVest.

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