Piano – Martin Qvist Hansen

Member og the Ensemble MidtVest since 2002.

The Danish pianist Martin Qvist Hansen started his education at the Royal Danish music conservatoire under Amalie Malling. After that he studied in London, Helsinki and Cologne. He won the Steinway competition five times and the International piano competition in Bratislava twice.

As co-founder of the “Trio Ondine”, he has also won several prizes both at home and abroad. Together with the trio he has performed on many of the world’s most important chamber music stages and the trio has been “Artists in Residence” at the BBC and the Danish Radio.

The scholarships that Martin received are amongst others the Jacob Gade scholarship, Teten’s commemoration prize and the Harby scholarship. He participated in master classes under e.g. Ralf Gothoni, Ferenc Rados, the Alban Berg quartet and a very highly praised TV documentary with Andras Schiff.


Sæsonprogram 2021/2022


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