Flute – Charlotte Norholt

Member of the Ensemble MidtVest since 2006.

Charlotte Norholt was born in Randers (Denmark) in 1974.

In 1993 she started her studies at the music academy in Århus under Karl Lewkovitch and Thomas Jensen. At the same time she worked for one year as temporary solo flute player in the Århus symphony orchestra and then studied one year in Paris under Claude Lefebvre. After receiving her diploma, she was accepted to a graduate recital in Århus. During this time she was temporarily employed by the Randers chamber orchestra and later by the Zealandsymphony orchestra. In 2000 the Randers chamber orchestra offered her a fixed contract which ended in 2006.

Charlotte Norholt is also a member of Århus Sinfonietta, an ensemble which exclusively dedicates itself to contemporary classical music and experimental forms of concert. She has also worked together with Granhøj Dans on several occasions, which is one of the most highly praised dance ensembles in Denmark.

Charlotte Norholt has won many national and international prizes both as chamber musician and as soloist and has performed as soloist together with several of the Danish regional orchestras.


Sæsonprogram 2021/2022


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