Pre-concert talk & After talk
At selected concerts we invite the audience to a pre-concert talk or after talk. Where the pre-concert talks are accompanied by a cup of coffee and start half an hour before the concert, the after talk takes place after the concert and over a glass of wine. The pre-concert and after talk are meant to allow for more comprehensive insight into the program of the concert, the intentions behind the concept, the possibility to ask questions and to meet the musicians of the ensemble and its guests in an informal way.

School concerts
Every season we present classical music for school classes in the middle and west of Jutland – both at the schools and in our concert hall at HEART. Alongside with playing classical pieces from different periods we also speak about the difference between a violin and a viola, the entire length of a bassoon, and why a piano is a string instrument, too. In our season program you can see when we plan to do school concerts. Every school in the municipalities of Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, and Struer will receive an invitation by email.

“The Music Inside Out”
During our educational concerts called “The Music Inside Out” we literally turn the music inside out and take a closer look at it. Focussing on one specific work, the musicians speak about the composer, his or her time, and the form of the piece. All illustrated with excerpts of the work – and of course a live performance both in the beginning and in the end of the ‘session’.

Concerts in private homes
We move the concert out of the concert hall and into the private living room. An informal concert where the host as an ambassador for the ensemble invites friends and acquaintances – who otherwise might not have found their way to the concert hall and to classical music. Please notice that these concerts are not public and thus accessible only for those who have received a personal invitation by the host of the concert.


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