Carsten Dahl

Since its foundation in 2002, the Ensemble MidtVest has aimed to explore the possibilities of a musical encounter between the classical music and other music aesthetic forms of expression.

Our expedition leads us into a universe that lies beyond the usual music genres. Any journey like this into unknown fields – and we consider our own activities in the borderland between musical styles to be such a journey – requires an experienced guide. For this purpose Carsten Dahl has been employed as artistic consultant since January 2007. In a two-year test period, he will develop – together with the musicians of the ensemble – new, unheard of tones and sounds that suit our time and artistic needs.

“We live in the 21st century. We are all looking for the place where we come from. This place has got nothing to do with the worlds we know. We are now planning this journey together.” Carsten Dahl

The journey on the search for “The music of inner necessity” starts with the musicians themselves. “Classical musicians often loose the connection to their very own original musicality”, says Carsten Dahl. “This is frequently shoved aside in the traditional music environment, in which notes, conductors and inflexible, often stiff concert forms set tight boundaries to the musician’s individual development.”

Instead of notes, Carsten Dahl and the musicians of the Ensemble MidVest take “Values, Considerations and Associations” with them on their joint journey. It is not as much the results in terms of public concerts that make up the goal of the journey, which Carsten Dahl describes as “Musical advance in the search of a new depth.” It is instead the journey itself that is important, and the audience is very welcome to join us for part of the journey.

Every time Carsten Dahl and the musicians of the Ensemble MidtVest perform together, you can discover something new: New sounds and new emotions, something that slightly changes our view on what music is and what it can do. Music is not only an inner necessity for the person who plays and lives in it. Music can be just as important for somebody who opens himself, who indulges in it, who is not afraid of experiencing something new and so far unknown.

Join us on our journey through the enormous universe of music!

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