Friends of the Ensemble

The Ensemble MidtVest has its own circle of friends whose aim it is to support the ensemble in its activities.

The members of the circle of friends are able to become better acquainted with the music and the musicians of the ensemble than normal concert visitors by taking part in the concerts and special events that are offered to the Friends of the Ensemble.

The advantages of being a member of the circle of friends are e.g. that you are offered discounts for most concerts, you receive a newsletter several times a year, where we tell you about the concerts and events of the ensemble, and you have the possibility to participate in those activities that are especially reserved for the members of the circle of friends.

Executive board of the Friends of the Ensemble

Birgit Toft (Chairman)
Henny Rønnow (Vice chairman)
Hanne Green (Treasurer)
Ellinor Bach Jørgensen
Tove Munch
Jenny Riis
Bente Bendix

Niels Bjerre Gade
Birgit Hesselvig Nielsen (Secretary)

Registration to the Friends of the Ensemble

You can register to the Friends of the Ensemble by contacting the treasurer:

Hanne Green
Bethaniagade 43
DK-7400 Herning

Phone: (+45) 9712 1888

The membership costs 125 kr. per calendar year. Please transfer the membership fee to the account of „Ensemblets Venner“ 7680-1607011 (IBAN: BIC). After the receipt of your payment, you will receive your membership card.


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